Life Supporting Medicine & BIT
Presented by Bodo Koehler M.D.
Translation into Portuguese by Francisco Vianna, MD

Introduction by Kimchi Moyer L.Ac. 
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Bodo Koehler, M.D. is the president of the International Association for Bio-physical Information Therapy (BIT), a prestigious organization established in 1979 for medical doctors and dentists with currently over 500 members. He is also the founder of Life Supporting Medicine (LSM).

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Dr. Koehler received his M.D. degree from the University of Freiburg in 1973. He spent the next ten years as an intern in gastroenterology, sports medicine and cardiovascular diseases, and was recognized in 1983 as a specialist for Internal Medicine. In addition, he furthered his study and became a specialist of naturopathy and homeopathy. Since then, he has maintained a private office in Freiburg, Germany.

Dr. Koehler has published six books on the topic of Energy Medicine including:

  • Bio-physical Information Therapy (the first published book of its kind in the world on the subject of BIT, a textbook for Naturopathic Clinical Practice, and his only book that is translated into English)
  • The Basis of Life (Understanding Functional Processes)
  • Symmetropathy (Understanding the connection between the spiritual and material world)
  • Synergistic-Biological Cancer Treatment (Functional view of man and efficient cancer therapy)
  • Daily Work with BIT Methods (for practitioners, working with different BIT devices)

He also co -authored seven book projects with over 100 fold articles.

Earning the nickname "The pope of bio- energetic medicine",  and the mastermind behind many BIT medical devices, he went on to develop for VEGA Grieshaber Medical Department: the MRT (Matrix Regeneration Therapy), the STT (Metabolism Testing and Therapy, the SRT (Metabolism Regulation & Therapy) which is included in the well known VEGA Expert, and the Audiocolor. He also teamed up with VEGA Grieshaber Akademie to develop the new VEGASelect. 

His intensive research in the field of biophysics, information transmission and cell-metabolism culminates in his latest innovation: the ZMR (Cell and Milieu Revitalization), creating a new direction for medical evaluation and therapy.

In 2001, Dr. Koehler founded Life Supporting Medicine (LSM). His view on the future of medicine is brilliantly presented here in this intensive five day seminar in Sesimbra, Portugal.


Francisco Vianna, M.D. is an internist and the director of Centro de Medicina Biologica in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Dr. Vianna did his post graduate work in various forms of Bio-energetic medicine including German biological medicine. In 2005, he became a BIT specialist under the tutelage of Dr. Bodo Koehler, and has assisted Dr. Koehler in translating his lectures around the world.

Dr. Vianna is fluent in five languages. He lectures for VEGA Akademie and has been teaching internationally for more than ten years.


Kimchi Moyer L.Ac., natural health practitioner, received her BS (1979) from Georgetown University and her MA (1981) from the University of San Francisco.

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After obtaining her acupuncture license in 1988 (California), she devoted herself to the study of German biological medicine and allied disciplines including electrodermal screening, bioresonance therapy, homeopathy, isopathy, darkfield microscopy, and biological terrain assessment.

From 1995 to present, Kimchi has assisted in training physicians and health care professionals at international health conferences. In 2000, she was certified to give lectures of VEGA medical devices by the Grieshaber Akademie in Germany.

Kimchi Moyer has a private practice in Santa Rosa, CA, consulting to clients and practitioners worldwide. She is currently working on creating an international health and wellness clinic in Vietnam, where she grew up before coming to the U.S. in 1975. Her dream is to bring German biological medicine technology to the East, and bridge the gap between the oldest and the most advanced forms of Bio-energetic medicine.

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