Life Supporting Medicine & BIT
Presented by Bodo Koehler M.D.
Translation into Portuguese by Francisco Vianna, MD

Introduction by Kimchi Moyer L.Ac. 
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What's on the DVD?


DAY 1 (DVD #1)

  • Introduction: The Metaphysical Underpinnings of Life Supporting Medicine (LSM)
  • Spirit, Emotions, Intellect. Resonance and Non-Resonance
  • The Psyche and Mind Control
  • The 4-Polarity, Life Supporting Medicine and BIT (Bio-Physical Information Therapy)
  • Therapeutical Basis Concept: Treating the Cause or Eliminating Symptoms?
  • The 4-Dimentional Luescher Cube, and its link to 4-Polarity Medicine
  • Integration and Separation: The Second Law of Life
  • Deficiency, Compensation and Illusion
  • The Structure of Matter
  • Microcosmos/Macrocosmos. The Infinity of the universe
  • Coherence, Information & The Transformation of Matter
  • Properties of the Vacuum


DAY 1 (DVD #2)

  • Form and Function. Ideas and Emotions and In-FORM-ation
  • Morphic Fields and Material Structure
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Tissue and Cell Receptivity
  • Cell Metabolism. Mental, Emotional, Environmental Stress and Terrain Damage
  • Cell Matrix System and The Importance of Coherence in Living Systems
  • Reality Consists of Fields. The 4-Polarity and Infinite Potential for Creation
  • Oscillating Systems, Phase Clusters and Standing Waves
  • Coherent (Laser) Light as Trigger
  • Human Fields are 4-Polar Magnetic and Electric
  • Basic Structure of the Matrix, Photons and Life Information from the Sun


DAY 2 (DVD #1)

  • Properties of the Tissue: Effects of Light vs. Toxic Loading of the Tissues
  • Fractal and Harmonical Structures of the Fields. Planck’s Quantum Effect
  • Reality Consists of Fields. Consciousness, Intention, Anger & Shock
  • Destruction of Cell Membranes & Contaminating Factors to the Matrix
  • Resonance and Harmonical Creation Patterns in Nature
  • Law of the 4-Polarity, Spirit & Matter, Trinity and Quaternity
  • Trinitery Infinity of Space, Time and Number & the Creation of Reality
  • Quadropolarity, Life Processes and the Importance of Rhythm


DAY 2 (DVD #2)

  • Diet & Supplements & The 4 Structuring Elements of Life
  • The Four Sexual Hormones & Law of the 4-Polarity
  • Law of the 4-Polarity: The Four Components of Self-Feeling
  • Good & Poor Health (Beneficial vs. Negative Life Events)
  • Unstable Balance of Life: Anabolic & Catabolic Cooperation
  • Basic Regulation of Cell Metabolism: Life Inside Cell Membranes
  • Controlling Hormones Transfer the Energetic State to Cells
  • Flow Diagram of Life Supporting Medicine (LSM): Anamnesis and Examination


DAY 3 (DVD #1)

  • The Anabolic / Catabolic Equation & Adaptation Behavior of the Matrix
  • Anabolic Derailment and Adaptation Behavior of the Matrix
  • The Effects of Shock on Anabolic Derailment
  • Unstable Regulation Imbalance, Alkaline and Acid, Catabolic and Anabolic
  • Catabolic Derailment and Adaptation Behavior of the Matrix
  • Cholesterol. A Film of Blocked Tissue Before and After ZMR Treatment
  • Efficiency of Therapeutic Interventions on Derailment of Cell Metabolism


DAY 3 (DVD #2)

  • Degeneration vs. Health. The 4 Regulators of Cell Metabolism
  • The 4-Polar Acids/Alkaline Balance
  • Acids/Alkaline Balance and Digestion
  • Turntable of Life and the Adaptation Behavior of the Matrix
  • The Luescher Test Mind and Control Measurements
  • Measuring Metabolism and the Acid/Alkaline Balance (ZMR)


DAY 4 (DVD #1)

  • Properties of Life Supporting Medicine: Psyche, Cell Metabolism and Matrix
  • Four Aspects of Self-Feeling
  • All Material Things Are Constructions of Consciousness
  • Turntable of Life: Contributing Factors to Health and Illness
  • Compensations, Inflammations and the Causes of Illness
  • Cell Phone Usage and “Safeguards” Against Damage
  • Fear and Other Destructive Factors of the Harmonic 4-Polarity
  • Functional Systems in the 4-Dimensional Luescher Cube
  • Love, Rhythm and Coherence: Love Creates Coherence
  • Life Supporting Medicine Flowchart: Measurements
  • Life Supporting Medicine Flowchart: Laboratory
  • Life Supporting Medicine Flowchart: Intestines, Distribution of Bacteria, Ph Value


DAY 4 (DVD #2)

  • Zincum, Selenium, Vitamin C You have to Separate
  • Healing Prerequisites: ENTHUSIASM for Something New!
  • Visualized Healing & Whole Identification with the Condition of Health
  • Developing Safety and Certainty: Removing Anger and Shock
  • Sick Tissue: The Loss of Order, Energy and Rhythm
  • Healing Prerequisites: The Importance of Mental Attitude.
  • Instructions for Successful Treatment and Sound Therapy
  • Machine Demonstrations: The Vega AUDIOCOLOR


DAY 5 (DVD #1)

  • Cell and Matrix Revitalization (ZMR)
  • Catabolic & Anabolic (Basic & Acid). The 4-Color Face Template for ZMR
  • The 4-Dimensional Luescher Cube: Fears & Corresponding Color Refusals
  • Illness Coding, ZMR Treatment, Love & Revitalization
  • Features of Cell and Milieu Revitalization (ZMR)
  • Scalar Waves & The Physical Background of Information Transfer
  • Cell Phones: The Effects of Rigid Technical Impulses
  • Pictures of Blood Capillaries Before and After ZMR Treatment
  • Combining ZMR with Other Treatments
  • MRT(Matrix Regeneration Therapy) Device Demonstration
  • Questions and Answers: MRT Usage and Treatment


DAY 5 (DVD #2)

  • The Four Columns of Biophysical Information Therapy (BIT)
  • Healing Principles of BIT
  • Four-point Integral Diagnosis
  • What Does Healing Mean?
  • Relief Therapy & The Theoretical Background of MRT
  • Importance of Spiritual Development in Healing
  • Does Your Dog Have a Soul?
  • Vega SELECT Machine Demonstration
  • Applying Entrance Electrodes to Area of Concern
  • Treating Cigarette/Nicotine Addiction
  • End Seminar


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