Life Supporting Medicine & BIT
Presented by Bodo Koehler M.D.
Translation into Portuguese by Francisco Vianna, MD

Introduction by Kimchi Moyer L.Ac. 
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DAY 1 (DVD #1)

  • Introduction: The Metaphysical Underpinnings of Life Supporting Medicine (LSM)
  • Spirit, Emotions, Intellect. Resonance and Non-Resonance
  • The Psyche and Mind Control
  • The 4-Polarity, Life Supporting Medicine and BIT (Bio-Physical Information Therapy)
  • Therapeutical Basis Concept: Treating the Cause or Eliminating Symptoms?
  • The 4-Dimentional Luescher Cube, and its link to 4-Polarity Medicine
  • Integration and Separation: The Second Law of Life
  • Deficiency, Compensation and Illusion
  • The Structure of Matter
  • Microcosmos/Macrocosmos. The Infinity of the universe
  • Coherence, Information & The Transformation of Matter
  • Properties of the Vacuum

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What is this DVD about?

A comprehensive 5-day seminar
on the Future of Medicine.

Life Supporting Medicine & BIT (Bio-physical Information Therapy) covers every phase of Dr. Bodo Koehler’s groundbreaking approach to health care including:

  • Theoretical Concepts
  • Diagnostic Steps
  • Therapeutic Procedures

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A dynamic speaker, Dr. Koehler is one of the world’s leading experts on bio-energetic medicine and BIT. He has authored six books on this topic, co-authored seven more with over 100 publications.

Life Supporting Medicine & BIT is the first program of its kind in English: an in-depth curriculum on the precision of German biological medicine, which can be fully understood only when we recognize the underlying importance of spirit. Viewers will be able to see how this integral process evolves into a practical system that applies universally to everybody.

The seminar emphasizes the extraordinary power of the body when it is used as a tool to heal itself. It also reveals the extraordinary power of mind and intention when it is rightfully aligned with spirit, allowing us to create change by merging our own will with the greater consciousness of the universe.

Complete healing can be accomplished only when all aspects of the human being are being addressed: spirit, mind, and body. Dr. Koehler supports his therapeutic method for resonating with spirit with his vast knowledge of medical science, using data from his years of work in conventional medicine as well as landmark research studies in the field of biophysics, information transmission and cell-metabolism. What emerges is a life-changing view of our amazing potential for fulfillment, healing and deep resonance with every life system in the universe.

What do we want in medicine? A new thinking for a new medicine is needed: to continuously find a Life supporting mechanism—not a Life destroying mechanism—to sustain Life processes.

In a no-nonsense presentation, Dr. Koehler takes listeners on an in-depth exploration into the microscopic world of cellular metabolism where new discoveries and research are revolutionizing the way we understand the healing process.

Life Supporting Medicine & BIT is filled with hundreds of beautiful images and photos, including pictures, diagrams, graphs and video clips, many designed by Dr. Koehler himself. The images are integral to course content as well as for demonstrations, so this course is available exclusively on DVD.

This may not be like any other course you’ve had. You will experience a way of thinking that opens doors, opens minds, and leaves you smiling while pondering some of our perennial concerns.

  • What is spirit?
  • What is soul?
  • What is intuition?
  • How can we integrate psyche (mind) and spirit?
  • Does a dog have a soul?
  • Does a dog have a consciousness?

Questions like these—along with a lifetime’s worth of others—are the quest of laymen and practitioners alike.

Is it possible to develop an all-inclusive therapy that can help us deepen our connection to the divine?

Dr. Koehler helps listeners take control of their total well being with practical applications. He unveils a biological information system that is built around a sophisticated biofeedback instrument, the ZMR (Cell and Milieu Revitalization), which promotes the natural healing of the organism.

This course is designed for health practitioners. The 22 hours of detailed background material begins with the basics and proceeds to show how our cells have far greater innate knowledge than we once imagined.

Although the course often covers complex material, Dr. Koehler is always mindful of the need for making his material as clear as possible to those without a thorough background in the subject.

Life Supporting Medicine & BIT is an ideal companion for health practitioners, whether you are new to life supporting medicine and BIT and want to get a firm ground in the basics, or whether you already have a firm rooting and are eager to make a deeper exploration.

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